we are pleased to welcome you to our office

vision is precious.

we appreciate that
each and every day.

Our Mission Statement

To demonstrate our commitment to excellence in comprehensive eye care and to providing an experience built on a foundation of compassion and integrity, driven by the pursuit of personal growth, education and innovation.

Our Vision

To provide an eye care environment recognized for the genuine compassion and integrity of its team, the thoroughness of the eye care provided and the excellence in quality in products and services.

To provide a professional eye care experience that is balanced with warmth and levity.

To provide a holistic eye care experience that educates and focuses on health and wellness.

To provide the highest level of care through diagnosis, treatment and co-management of the visual system through continual education and use of the most advanced technology available. 

To provide a healthy, positive, work environment that promotes personal and team support and growth.

the purpose of life
                      is a life of purpose.

Our Philosophy


Our genuine compassion and integrity along with our excellent services will be recognized by our patients who strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle, return for recommended care and refer friends and family to our office. 


All our recommendations and treatments are given with the utmost respect of the individual patients needs in the way we would respect our family and friends.  Honesty, trust and compassion lie behind all our clinical decisions. 


Our aim is not only to meet your needs, but also to exceed your expectations.


We strive to continue the passion that brought us here and work towards a healthy lifestyle and balance in life to become better people and role models for our families and for our co-workers and for our patients.


We strive to continually challenge ourselves as individuals in order to better support each other and to better serve our patients.